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Battery Combination Smoke & CO Alarm

  • Optipath 360 Photoelectric & Advanced Electrochemical CO sensor
  • Single button Test / Silence
  • End of Life signal (CO)
  • Two AA Batteries included
  • EZ Access battery door
  • Low battery warning
  • 7 year warranty

Battery Powered Photoelectric Smoke & CO Combo Alarm (With Voice Location)

  • “Voice with location” provides necessary hazard location information for blind or visually impaired residents
  • Optipath 360 Photoelectric & Advanced Electrochemical CO sensor
  • End of Life signal (CO)
  • Single button Test / Silence
  • 9 volt battery included
  • EZ Access battery door
  • 7 year warranty
Easy identifying of an initiating unit in the event of a nuisance alarm, or after the alarm has silenced.

The “Alarm Latching” feature allows quick and easy troubleshooting in the event of a nuisance or unidentifiable alarm condition. When an alarm is initiated, all interconnected BRK models will sound an audible alarm, however only the initiating unit will flash it’s Red LED indicator allowing the homeowner to easily identify the source. The LED can be reset at any time by simply pushing the “Silence / Test” button on the front of the unit. Even in the event power is disconnected to the circuit, the initiating alarm will hold the Alarm latch condition in memory, so when the power is reinstated, that unit only will continue to flash (without audible) until the “Silence / Test” button is pushed to re-set the system.

Easily identifies when a Battery Back-up model is in need of battery service.

When the battery back-up source on any BRK model has reached a level where the battery must be serviced, the unit will emit a single beep approx every 45 second. Any units interconnected will also emit this warning beep, however only the unit in need of service will flash it’s Red LED allowing for easy identifying.

Quiets nuisance alarms.

In the event of a ”nuisance alarm” condition (i.e. burning toast / food etc.) any BRK model can be silenced for up to 10 minutes by pushing the “Silence / Test” button on the front of the unit. This feature allows the offending condition to clear rather than forcing the end-user to disable the alarm to avoid the audible alarm. When the “Silence” button is initiated, the unit will go into a separate sensing mode that will closely monitor whether the density of the condition increases. If in the following 10 minute period the density increases, the alarm will over-ride the silence mode and the unit will again go into full alarm. If after the 10 minute silence period the condition has reduced, the unit will beep once, indicating it has reset to its normal sensing mode.

Silence a low battery beep.

In the event a low battery indication (beep) happens at an inopportune time (i.e. overnight), the low battery warning can be silenced – 1 time only – for a period of 8 hours. This allows for servicing when more convenient.

Simple Mounting and alignment.

All BRK models have been designed with ease of installation and servicing features in mind. “Easy Mount” allows for simple one hand mounting without aligning tabs. The wide rotation on the mounting plate also allows easy visual alignment, and, when placed in “nuisance alarm” prone areas (i.e. near kitchens or bathrooms) a simple ¼ turn on the mounting bracket can often alleviate these nuisance alarm conditions by altering the direction of air flow across the sensing chamber entry.

Ionization Smoke Alarms – Generally are more effective at detecting flaming fires, which consume combustibles quickly and spread rapidly. Sources of these fires include paper burning in a wastebasket, or grease fires on a stove.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms – Generally are more effective at detecting smoldering fires, which smolder for hours before bursting into flame. Sources of the fires include cigarette smoldering in couches or bedding. For maximum protection, install both types of smoke alarms on every level of the home.