Zero Waste

Program Overview

BRK Zero Waste is an award winning and first of its kind recycling program for the Fire Safety category. Essentially a self-funded, full circle “EPR” (Extended Producer Responsibility) program where we the manufacturer are taking responsibility for the full life-cycle of any products we manufacture. With 5 key models in a “Zero Waste” platform (with no added ECO fees, or cost to the end-user or taxpayer) any retrofit project can now be assured the units being replaced by a Zero Waste model will no longer end up in Canadian landfills. Unlike our competitors, our unique infrastructure and North American Manufacturing allows us to be a return point through our distributor collection depot network, then separate the components and have them recycled and “up-cycled” into new products eliminating the units from landfills. This program has great appeal to renovation / retrofit contractors, and Property Management customers specifically as many have implemented “sustainability” and recycling programs. Zero Waste….It’s the first of its kind in this category, and a simple and better solution for a greener tomorrow.

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Zero Waste Products